I'm bringing the Po' Boy back

Holy crap.  Bridget and I enjoyed a new restaurant on Saturday night and it absolutely blew me up.  I was astounded, which I haven't been at a restaurant in awhile.  The place of interest is Shucks Fish House and Oyster Bar.  It's a little place up on 168th and West Center.  We got there about 730 on Saturday night and didn't have too long to wait.  Let's get into the ratings:

Style:  Bridget said it best, "It's like a legit Joe's Crabshack."  It had a beachy theme, reclaimed wood on the walls, regular tables and booths.  The restaurant wasn't huge, but it gave it a homey feel.  Music was audible but not overpowering.  People were very nice, you could tell everyone was friends and enjoyed working together.  Good crowd included families and older couples.

Drinks:  They have a nice collection of bottled beers.  It didn't appear to have any beers on tap, but if you have a nice diverse collection of bottled beers, I'll let it slide.  I believe the number of beers was over 60.  I picked the Goose Island IPA, which was terrific.  I like some IPAs and dislike some IPAs, I really liked this one.

Food:  AWESOME.  JUST AWESOME.  I was not ready for how good the food would be.  We got the calamari rings for appetizers.  They were good, but overshadowed by the rest.  For the entrees, we got an order of jambalaya and a Fresh Fish Po Boy.  Both were just amazing.  The jambalaya was nice and spicy.  The po boy was beyond description.  It was packed with fried fish fillets.  Barely fried, though.  They do a great light breading and light frying so it's not overly crunchy or greasy.  The sauce on there was great.  I believe it's called muffetta or something like that.  Louisiana style.  Awesome. 

Price:  Price was good.  Both entrees were under $10.  For that price, and that level of food satisfaction, it may be the best bargain I've ever seen.  Beers were 4.50 a bottle which is a little steep, but it was Saturday night.  They have happy hours from 3-6 during the week, so might need to go there to grab the beers.

I will be back.  Soon.

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