Loft Redo Part 1

The time has finally come to get the loft of our new house together. Our house is a ranch, but a portion of what would normally be the attic is a finished loft area. It's about 500 sq ft, so it's a pretty big space. Presently, we're not really using it. My older Samsung DLP, old couch and chair, and the other bed are currently up there. Here's some pics of the before: (Sorry, I didn't clean the pictures up. I'll clean the finished pictures up more to make it look like an even bigger improvement. Similar to the weight loss infomercials when the girl loses 50 lbs, but also has a new haircut, makeup, clothes, and usually new boobs.)

IMGP2260 IMGP2270 IMGP2267

We had been using one of the ground floor bedrooms for the office. It just doesn't work, as I need some room to spread stuff out. I've always been a fan of the L shaped desks, but couldn't ever get a room with the right size. Enter the loft! We ended up getting a Sauder desk from Nebraska Furniture Mart. Here's a link to desk on NFM.com. We didn't get the hutch, as you can see from the pictures that the room slopes into the corners.

I ran by the Mart to pick up the desk this morning and got it home a little after lunch. The thing was heavy, 160lbs in the desk. I carted the pieces up a couple at a time and got to work. A few hours later, the desk was done. The desk is going in the corner where the bed was.


I got the desk put together and in place when Bridget got home. I'm gonna finish up moving the computer and the rest of the office stuff upstairs tomorrow. Luckily, I twisted my ankle pretty good out in the backyard due to some uneven sod settling, so that might get a little sore.

Hopefully more pics tomorrow....

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