Windows 7 RC is on baby!

Today was an exciting day.  I installed Windows 7 RC (Release Candidate) on the desktop today.  I followed Lifehacker's guide to setup a dual boot system.  They had a nice write up here.  It ends up sending you to another write up they did when the first beta came out on how to do a dual boot system.  It was really pretty easy, even for a non windows admin like myself. 

I downloaded the W7 ISO and burned to a DVD then downloaded GParted and burned to a CD.  I had to go into my BIOS and reset the boot priority, the default was Removable Drive-HD-CD, which I thought was weird.  I reset it to CD-Removable-HD, put my GParted boot disk in and tried again.  Still nothing.  Hmmm....  I went into the CD priority, and it had my old IDE DVD ROM drive first, followed by my SATA drive.  I had thought that it would try the IDE drive, and then the SATA, but I guess it just checked the IDE and went out.  I reset that priority to do the SATA drive first and tried again.  SUCCESS!  GParted was pretty easy to use.  Shrink the used partition down and create a new one. 

I then threw the Windows DVD in there and went to installing.  Choose the custom option to install W7 on the new partition.  Install was fine, except I got a 2 mixed up with a Z on my product key.  I always do that.  grr.  W7 came up just fine, connected to the internet, and downloaded firefox.  Everything working like a dream.

I restarted the machine, got the option to boot XP or 7, choose XP, and everything over on partition 1 is still golden. 

I must say, I'm feeling pretty good. 

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