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Since I'm just sitting here on the couch watching golf, I thought it would be a great time to share some thoughts I have about golf TV coverage.

1. The Tiger slurping has to stop.
I know Tiger is a great golfer. You don't have to tell me that at every shot. The worst offense of this comes during tee shots. Tiger will hit a shot and they will just fall over themselves about how great of a shot it was. And then the other guy will hit and it will be in pretty much the same spot, except somehow it wasn't as exciting. I think it was yesterday (Saturday), when Tiger hit one of those stinger shots with a fade. It landed in the left first cut. "Only Tiger can hit that stinger". Well, the other guy hit a regular shot, and it landed in the middle of the fairway about 10 yards farther. I'll take the regular shot.

I've been able to watch the Directv coverage of the major tournaments this year, and they have a special Marquee group channel that just follows one group. Surprisingly, they usually follow Tiger's group. Watching all of Tiger's shots, especially when you can see of all of his opponent's shots, you have a different view of his game. Listening to the media, he is the most dominant player ever that just can't be beaten, hits all kinds of shots that other guys can't hit, etc. That's just not the case. Look at the stats....he doesn't drive the ball any farther than most guys, doesn't hit more fairways, doesn't get more greens, etc. The way it is portrayed, you would figure he would lead every statistical category. He doesn't. If you just watched the three guys play, you wouldn't think he was the greatest ever.
So how does he win? One thing you do notice is that he seems to make more of those 10-12 footers for par. That isn't really something that would jump out in stats, but would explain that extra stroke or so over 18 holes. He also doesn't seem to "blow up". If you ask me, that's the formula for his victories....consistency and a couple more 10 footers over a tournament. Does that make someone "dominant"? I don't know if I would use that word, but then again, I don't know what word I would use.

2. If someone has a 6 foot putt for birdie, please show the shot into the green. Watching someone putt a 6 footer is not exciting, watching them throw a dart from 180 yards is exciting.

3. While the slurping is still too much, the commentators have started to root a bit for other players. This may have had something to do with golf ratings last summer when Tiger was out. When they just slurp Tiger all the time, people don't get excited about the other players. Hence, when Tiger is out, the people don't care. I really don't understand how the PGA and the networks can seem to market any of the other players. Even today, Rory McIroy is out there playing pretty well, and they're only mentioned him 3 or 4 times. This would be a GREAT chance to follow him a bit, talk him up, etc.

4. Nick Faldo is infinitely more interesting than Johnny Miller. I hate Miller.

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