Urban Wine Company

Another restaurant has come up for discussion, and this week, it’s the Urban Wine Company.  Bridget has been wanting to try it out, and since her birthday was yesterday (yay!), we had her birthday dinner last Saturday night.  We were joined by our friend Natalie.  UWC is down in the Old Market area of Omaha.  We haven’t been down to the Old Market much since we moved here because we’ve been busy trying out the options out west.  We do really like the restaurants and bars down there though.  It’s really only a 15-20 minute drive from our house since we live so close to I-80.  We had a really good time, so I’m sure we will start making more trips there.

Parking is usually a pain in the Old Market, and it was a double pain since the Taste of Omaha was going on as well.  We got the last spot in the parking lot we chose.  The parking guy told us to park in a no parking zone, so we pretty much got the pole position. 

UWC is a pretty cool place.  It has a great setup inside, using the Old Market theme of brick and exposed ceilings.  There were tables and chairs, as well as couches and coffee tables.  Unlike the Reel Martini couches, I would definitely sit on those.  We grabbed a small table and sat down.  Our waitress was very nice, she looked a lot like one of my friends’ wives.  Being a wine bar, they had the option to get wine flights.  Bridget LOVES wine flights, so her and Nat each got one.  Their flights consisted of 3 wines, with a healthy pour in each glass.  I wasn’t really feeling wine, so I asked what they had on tap.  Oh boy, they had Delirium on tap.  I love a good Belgian Ale.  I’ve had Chimay a few times before, and Delirium once before, but it was from the bottle.  Having it on tap is spectacular.  A good Belgian Ale relaxes you like nothing else, except a cigar and a good scotch.  The girls liked their wine, and I liked the Delirium, so everyone started out happy.

The menu is a bit all over the place, but the food we had was all very good.  We started with the spinach artichoke dip (surprise, surprise).  It did come with some phenomenal pita bread wedges.  We got to UWC a little later in the evening, so when we went to order food, the late happy hour had started (9 pm).  I hadn’t really made up my mind yet, but when I realized there was sushi for $4 at 9, I quickly decided.  Nat and I split a spicy tuna and spicy salmon rolls.  We had gone out to Baby Blue the night before, so I had a good sushi taste still on my mind.  The UWC sushi wasn’t quite as good, but it was definitely good (especially at $4).  Most surprising, I could actually tell we ordered the spicy versions of the rolls.  There was some very nice heat coming off them.  I would definitely get them again.  Bridget ended up ordering their version of a flatbread pizza, and she got shrimp and black bean.  I had a couple pieces to help her finish it off.  She really liked it, I was ok with it.  I’m still a traditional pizza guy, so if there’s not any real meat on there, I’m not quite all the way on board. 

We all were very happy with the choice to eat there, and will definitely be there again.  The late happy hour items, sushi for $4, and Boulevard wheat drafts and sangria for $3(the girls thought it was a little too sweet), definitely bring it into play for after dinner drinks or late snacking.  A really cool place with a really nice laid back vibe.  Music at a good volume, good crowd, nice people, Delirium on tap….what more could you ask for?             

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