Taco John's, I am back!

It was a wonderful day yesterday. I finally made it back to Taco Johns! Bridget and I went out to run some errands at Costco and Target and I convinced her to make a stop at TJ's. I picked up 3 Tacos and a small potato ole's with cheese. MMMMM, the taste is the same as I remember.

I previously lived in Ottumwa, IA, where there were several TJ's. I lived there during my middle school and early high school years, and we would frequent the TJ's quite often. Being guys in the early 90s, spending the night at a buddies' house would consist of running by the video store to rent a couple Nintendo or Super Nintendo games (hopefully Street Fighter 2), grabbing some 2 liters of Mountain Dew, and stopping by for a couple "6 pack and a pound" sacks of heaven. Nothing like it.

Of course, having lived in St Louis for 6 years, many people will tout the awesomeness of White Castles. While a case of Whitey's after the bar is nice, I would like to match it up with some TJ's. Since I was younger during my previous TJ encounters, I am anxious to see how they do after a good night of drinking.

Sounds like a challenge.

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